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Summertime Saga Review – A Game Full of Adventure

Summertime Saga Review – A Game Full of Adventure

Hello, sexy adult gamers! Tonight is going to be a scorching one in the summer metropolis, at least for one guy.

By the way, that is the token hero. You begin the game Summertime Saga Review with a dubious narrative because it seems like your father may have engaged in some dubious activities that lead to his demise. You’re not sure, therefore one thing you can try to do in the game during the time allocated to you is try to find out.

summertime saga review

Although I’m not sure if that aspect of the game is fully developed, it is an option and probably receive an answer in upcoming releases. If you haven’t played the game yet, then download it right away. If you use an Android device, make sure to check out the most recent version of Summertime Saga. As usual, you enter the game as a rather helpless and, to be honest, a little geeky masculine teenager. You can also boost your stats, such as charm, intellect, strength, and so on.

You’ll have to earn them gradually, though the charm I played had me to play a minigame that was simple to botch, making it a little harder than necessary. But you truly can’t ignore it since certain female paths you can try for, do require “x” amount in a stat.

You can do jobs, and you will attend school. Even though the title says summer and it’s not specifically mentioned that you’re in summer school. It is one of those start from scratch and work to being ‘god of the harem’ style games.

summertime saga review

To meet some women at all in summertime saga review, you may literally need to accept specific professions.

While there are a few supporting characters with little to no backstory, it’s not too difficult to follow the primary characters. A few MILF alternatives are your father’s best friend in summertime saga review, your landlady, and her best friend, Diane. As an aside, Diane was, I think, the only character in the version I performed, or maybe the only one of two, who had the choice to become pregnant. if that’s how you roll.

My research suggests that the sex mechanic may be linked to a minigame. Admittedly, I didn’t really make it that far. The fact that the game requires specific stats in order to advance socially is a little annoying. Observing the persona fail too often can make some players angry. It is definitely a very slow-burn game. Topping that, it’s not immediately obvious how to raise most of the stats.

For instance, you have to go to the cafeteria and strike up a conversation with a nice jock using your power, which you could need to impress a certain snooty female or stand up to bullies. He’ll direct you to the best place to increase your strength.

To truly accomplish this, you’ll also need to track down an elderly pervert who owns the gym and give him a pair of underwear. It’s a major roadblock to advancement because he doesn’t tell you who could be willing to part with them or where you might get a pair without anyone knowing.

I’ll admit that I was never sure if the game had a time restriction at all, or even how many days it had.

summertime saga review

That is another point that, in my opinion, needed to be stated much more clearly. I’ll give you points for imagining that an audience doesn’t want everything handed to them right away. But if I have to solve a Rubix cube just to get some iron and impress a girl, that’s a little much.

Certain quests can be completed. However, the game does not make them obvious, which may hinder some players’ progress. The graphics are cartoonish and will not appeal to everyone. The ways to earn money vary, but the actual amount, as far as I can tell, is not impressive if there is a time limit in the game.

summertime saga review

You can for example somehow buy a house and a car to impress a certain type of female. If you can afford to.

The issue is with the game economy and, once again, very possibly limited days.

Most players who do not plan things out to the “Nth” degree will be unable to obtain those items. There are also game achievements to consider. While I appreciate the call to console gaming, some of the suggestions are unrealistic. I suppose console achievements reflect this issue. These aspects may be difficult for more casual gamers.

The story seemed to me to have several possible outcomes. You can date a cheerleader with a former boyfriend who is initially a thorn in your side. You can try to woo your best friend’s introverted best friend character. Innocent.

summertime saga review

A goth girl invites you to participate in a mini-game of rap battle because she thinks you’re charming. Once more, it’s fairly simple, but success will take a lot of reloads.

There are just ten points in each stat. There are, at most, four sections in a day, and attempting to score every point is a waste of time. The majority of the content is actually minigames. They’re not terrible, per se, but from what I’ve played, there’s not much the player can do to change their true personality.

When questions are asked, they essentially have two possible answers in summertime saga review: yes or no.

That may not be the full range of options. All things considered, I feel that the game still needs a lot of work before I can truly enjoy it. I am only one player, though, and I know that many other players enjoy Dark Souls more than I do. Maybe my min-maxing skills are just lacking.

The game is a slice-of-life simulation that is very similar to The Sims. It might be enjoyable. if you’re prepared to put in a good deal of time and effort in order to benefit from the game. Well done to you if that sounds like your ideal night in.

summertime saga review

I’m aware of a few fetishes, including being pregnant, dominating, milking, and furry.

I’m not sure how much of an impact any of that will have in the end. I was unable to play for long enough to make it there. Players who appreciate the style and innovative gameplay mechanics of mini-games in Minecraft may find it easier to finish the game.

I think the concept is intriguing and offers a lot of potential outcomes. Additionally, it is still far from finished. Nobody knows where it will go in the future. I predict a crazy ride through to the very end for fans of the genre.

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